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History of Marysville

Marysville, the county seat of Marshall County, is a beautiful town located near the Big Blue River of northern Kansas.  It began in the 1850’s before Kansas became a state, as a small settlement near a crossing point on the river.

In 1852 Francis J. (Frank) Marshall came out to operate a ferry and a trading post at the future site of Marysville.  Westward bound emigrants, gold-seekers, soldiers and adventurers crossed the river here. The place was called Marshall’s Ferry until 1854 when Marshall received permission to open a post office, which he named Marysville in honor of his wife, Mary.  The post office is now the oldest civilian post office in continual operation in Kansas.

Marysville was the first home station on the Pony Express route west of St. Joseph, Missouri. The barn where the ponies were stabled is still standing and is now a museum.

Later, Marysville became a railroad town on the Union Pacific Railroad’s main freight line between Kansas City, Kansas and Hastings, Nebraska. At one time, Marysville had the largest covered railroad stockyards in the world at the Union Pacific yards. To this day, at least 25 one-mile freight trains pass through the town daily.

While we pride ourselves on our history, we are also proud of our present community!  Marysville was recently named one of the ‘Best Small Towns in Kansas’ by KANSAS! Magazine and was listed on the “50 State Road Trip” of the most beautiful small towns in every state by USA Today.

Creativity abounds in Marysville with a vibrant art scene that features plays & musicals, artist series, art shows & workshops and other events. Visitors enjoy the beautiful outdoors at our three picturesque parks and our Blue River Rail trail, one of the Top 10 Rail Trails in the Country. Take a stroll in our historic downtown and enjoy unique shops and restaurants. 

Marysville is also home to some of the best festivals in Northeast Kansas, including the Big Blue River Days, Mother’s Day Market & Black Squirrel Night, which honors our official town mascot.

Whether visiting to experience our history or our present, we hope to see you in Marysville soon!